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will you release this on steam too when it's complete?


Love the mechanics and quirky character designs. The enemies are interesting and there's a surprising amount of depth to the combat such as hopping on heads, stealing weapons, and what appears to be parrying.

My only complaint with the current(unfinished) version is that the normal and hard difficulties are too easy and 'cruel' is sometimes simply unfair because of random enemy AI paired with the increased speeds. The skeleton sidestep move for example becomes ridiculous and feels cheap when you're already in a lot of trouble.

I would prefer if harder modes focused on enemies being smarter, more numerous, more strategically placed, and more aggressive as well as adding challenge to the environment such as spikes and tricky jumps.

I miss the prototype but I am very much looking forward to the new direction. Best of luck.


long live thee!

Love the graphic style! Will play it soon. ;)

I've only played the demo so far and while I do love it, I found myself getting stuck because progressing required abilities I was unaware I had. While you better believe Imma buy this with some of my Christmas cash, a tutorial would really help.

Thanks! Working on a tutorial as a centerpiece of the next update. Happy holidays! :D

Can you link to a Youtube video of this game? I can't find one.