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Love the game and the music, playing on an old Mac using and it runs fine..

Hey, I've made a video about your game and I wanted to give you some feedback that hopefuly ends up being useful for you if you plan on continue developing the game or making new ones :D

-The visual style really caught my eye, it's very good :)

-Making a tutorial that shows you all the movements that your character can do could be awesome. I discovered some movements by "error" trying some things to continue on the game.

-From what I've played the game is very polished and I didn't find any reaaaally big bug/glitch on it :D

In general the game is quite awesome :), hopefuly this helped you.


doesn't seem to play nice with wine on linux, very jittery and sluggish =[

I'm generally a fan of these type of game, though I am not the most proficient gamer, but I kinda got pretty stuck on this one. I think if I pushed hard enough I'll figure it out or perhaps I am just stupid and ultimately quit due to being stuck. Other than that, this is a beautiful looking game with some interesting gaming mechanics. I'll pick this back up again in the near future.

Hollow Knight and Dead Cells run on my computer with no issues. For some bizarre reason, this game's performance is absolutely DREADFUL. I don't know what the dev could have possibly done to make it run so poorly. No exaggeration, I get about 5 FPS, and the game itself runs in slow-motion, at like 1/6th of the normal speed. Hilariously, the frame skip feature has absolutely no impact on the performance or speed of the game, it just halves the framerate, making the game even more unplayable. I was quite hyped for the game, and I would still love to come back and play it, if and when this all gets fixed.

I'm late to the party, but wanted to say that this game is absolutely fantastic. It took a bit to get a handle on the controls, but from then on it was really enjoyable. Art and sound design meant both exploration and combat felt super satisfying.


this looks very interesting! is there any chance of a linux port?


Yeah, I want to like this game 'cus the atmosphere, but... it just feels too busted. Even with a controller. The timing on the jump mechanics are WAY too unforgiving for how often you have to use them (the super jump is a pain in the butt to pull off), leads to stuff like rolling into an open door and resetting the room, etc. Combine that with my weapons breaking and no way to change my input layout from the janky default and I just like... stopped playing. Potential to be fun, though.


Played this for a video as part of my channel's Christmas special, and through the first boss, I am really liking this game.  The surreal and ominous atmosphere is wonderful, in both the sound and visual design.  The controls can be a little difficult, but that's probably more my weak skills than a failing of the game.  And the enemy designs... well the giant living gravestone with a gold tooth is wonderfully absurd, I can't wait to see the rest!  Video is here, if you're curious: 

With what game engine did you make this in? Great game btw.

Thank You for making this <3 

Thanks for playing! <3


I can't believe this is free. It's so good.

Any chance for a Mac build?

I would also love to play this game. 

A Mac build would be great. I keep rewatching the trailer - love the sound design. 


i've been playing your game for a long time, and i can say that i really love playing it. but for now, i got stuck under a bridge, is there a way to break it from underneath? (i broke it by accident, that's how i got in)


No worries! there's another way out of this particular bind - if you find yourself stuck in places like this, try looking for small 1-tile-high spaces you can Roll through (down+jump).


owch, you made those very well hidden! i'm feeling kinda dumb actually. thankfully, i'm out - now i can enjoy the game more. thanks!


always happy to help, thanks for playing!


Got this game for free a while back, loved it so much I came back and donated $10. I love the abstractness and the fluidity of the controls/movement. Thank you for making a solid indie title


Hey Jesse. I didn't know how to contact you in any other way so I'll post here.

I need to know what engine you used to make Water's Fine!

The game inspired me beyond anything else and I must find out what you used as it's so compact, neat and quick to run


Sorry to take so long to respond - no "engine" in the colloquial sense, I develop using GM Studio 1.4 as a code and resource management IDE - LLTA uses a LOT of the GMS built-in systems (part of why it runs.... not great in places lol), but since then i've programmed each project's gameplay, core loops, and visual presentation from scratch. i always want to promote mostly-from-scratch development since it leads to more elemental, focused, and disciplined game design, but if you're like me and don't have the time or budget to go 100% "c# in notepad" mode, as an IDE to work in and handle low-level stuff I definitely recommend GMS over bloated systems like Unity. (can't speak for GMS2 tho, haven't used it myself)


this... game... is... AWESOME!


Dear Owch, me and my son are really enjoying your game (though we are currently only on the demo). However we have gotten stuck in a room:

Please can you tell me how we can get the key? We think it must be to do with lighting (or un-lighting) all the lights. But we've tried both and that didn't help. We've also kill both bats but that didn't seem to trigger anything. The sword on the right can be thrown into a wall, but doesn't give access to the key? Also if we leave this room there is no way to back-track. Please help!


Hi there! The Dodge Roll (down+jump) is your weapon of choice for this situation - be on the lookout for a hidden path, it might be right under your nose. (hope that helps without giving it away too much haha)

Happy you're enjoying it - tho heads up if you end up playing the full game: it gets pretty weird & creepy in the 2nd half! Nothing extreme or gory, but definitely spooky enough that I thought I should mention in case your son's especially young.

Hope that helps, and thanks for playing

I've only played the demo so far, but the atmosphere and mechanics are superb.

Ok, didn't understand how to make the super jump ^_^'


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I literally can't super jump even once. I've been trying for 5 minutes straight (I seem to be stuck near the start because of this) but no dice.. I'm pretty sure I understand the concept (jump when landing from a roll-jump) but I just can't get it to happen. 

I've tried pressing it early, I've tried pressing it late; I've tried spamming the jump button, it's just not happening! :/

Is there any chance this is some weird input bug? I'm on win7. This game looks so amazing, I'd really love to play it but this seems impossible for some reason. ;-;


lol.. okay after posting I tried again for a while, this time spamming all buttons chaotically, and something happened! This allowed me to try some experiments and I've figured out what's happening (sort of): just pressing X doesn't do it. Instead, when I land I seem to have to press *backwards* (run direction) and X. This is the only way to trigger the super jump as far as I've found, simply holding down doesn't work.


Okay I'm an idiot: my problem was that I was holding the down key the whole time. I guess this should be obvious, but anyway if I let go of down when I hit X on landing, it works.. hooray! Sorry about that -- I'm going to leave this thread instead of deleting it in case it helps anyone else that's dumb like me ;)

I need to try this—thanks! Have been having the same issue with the super jump 🤯


awesome animations and colors, cool!

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The fly function if i attack and jump is very buggy i glitched somewhere outside the screen. But also very nice game i like the game design.


this is such a nice game i loved it so much. everything from the music to the art was absolutely amazing and the pacing was really nice. i loved all the various areas and the characters with their dialogue were so adorable

i especially loved the combat system with the items breaking and having to grab stuff enemies threw! my fav weapon was the fish that shoots bubbles, was it intentional that it did not break? anyway after all my other weapons broke i just  slapped through rest of the game with the fish! ^^ all the bosses were so fun, especially the last boss, which definitely was challenging with so much going on at once.

i tried to start a new game with a harder difficulty but the game just kept crashing for some reason, do you have any idea what could be causing it?


I FINALLY got around to beating this game today!

I have to say;

I LOVED every single moment. This game is nothing short of amazing and I'm honestly extremely sad that more people don't know about it.

I look forward to anything you make in the future!


Awesome game with great music! I had a lot of fun making this episode. 

This game looks very interesting It's a shame that only runs on Windows

Everyone keeps calling me <ERROR> and referring to locations as <ERROR>. Is this an actual error or a nod to Zelda 2 or something? At first I thought it was a joke but now everyone is calling me <ERROR>

When you change your key bindings, the tutorial isn't updated to reflect that, which makes it terribly confusing to follow.

Ah! A terrible oversight on my part. Planning a tutorial update soon, I'll make sure to fix this issue - thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I cannot do the super jump in the tutorial. I assume I'm supposed to hit X right when I hit the ground after jumping ? ? I'm stuck in the damn tutorial.


It only works from the "heavy" landing you get after flipping, so the command string is Down+X > X > X.
Sorry if the tutorial's not clear enough, I'll make sure to address that during the next update.

Thanks man, I tried something like that but I didn't figure out the timing. I've got it now. Your game is fun so far. :L

Happy to help, and thanks!

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How  do I play this new DEMO?
Can't figure out the super jump, it only happens accidentally.
Also, I wish I could redefine the \, ], and [ keys.
All I do on the demo is go to the right,
try to roll under the snow bank,
I don't make it and die.

The demo version before this update didn't do this,
I at least got to another room at the far right.
Is this new DEMO working correctly?

I really want to buy the game but need to have these issues explained first,
I don't want to buy it and have all these apparent glitches still there.
I love how the game looks and feels though!!!

Hi! Thanks for the report, this is definitely not intended - something seems to have gone wrong in the process of building the demo of the newest update. I'm investigating now, and will update again shortly!

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Awesome! I assume the full version is okay, correct?
Really love the game man, great job! I also love ADVENTURES.
Are you planing on making a full version of ADVENTURES?
It's hard as Hell but I keep going back for more punishment,
each time getting a bit further. 8)

P.S. - Just played the new DEMO you fixed, it's working great and I got farther than
ever before! What a cool game!!! I'm going to buy the full game RIGHT NOW! 8)
P.S. II - Just bought the full game. Plan on playing it tonight. 8)
BTW - I use WINE under Linux to play.
It works great but have you ever considered doing a Linux build?


I just beat the game and I'll admit, I'm a little confused by the ending. I get that it's an apocalypse but I had trouble understanding what was going on and why I even fighting all those people or why other NPCs seemed to act like I had a history with them. Overall it was fun but I really wish I knew what happened.

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Apologies for using your general comments but I can't seem to buy this via paypal, I live in the UK and apparently if you have direct payment on for paypal and not deferred payment it can cause issues with payments in other countries. Thanks! I can't wait to give your game a shot.

This is the exact issue I am having:

No worries! I actually prefer having any issues dealt with transparently on the page. Sorry to hear paypal is troublesome for some people, send me an e-mail at jesse[at] and we'll sort somethin out.

Many thanks! Sent you an email.

Update: This Game Owns

if i have money i buy the game and the soundtrack cause it's awesome

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When I start the game, the character moves incredibly slowly. Is there a way to move at regular speed? Maybe it's a bug?

Does the speed of your game match the footage here?

No, it’s very slow. The title screen moves at very few frames, and the character moves at about 1/20th if the rate in the video you show.

did you press  the f3 button?

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I just tried it right now but it does not affect anything.

Whats your ram memory?

Since I've seen only bug issues being mentionned in the comments, I'd like to make things clear and say that despite some technical issues here and there, this game is great and pretty immersive. I enjoyed diving into its universe.

I found the combat system really clever on my first playthrough ; jumping on heads to steal weapons, weapon durability and blocking later in the game deepens this system, and I found it really cool. Finding all the different weapons was enjoyable and I've had fun seeing what each can do, as well as discovering all the enemies and character designs.

The game's atmosphere is why I'd recommend it to anyone. Dialogue is nearly inexistant, but the few people you meet and where you meet them only pushes the feel of "the end". The soundtrack, also great, I especially loved how out of place a track was with a precise underwater boss.

Although I've had little to no minor problems with the game myself sometimes (or at least not for worthe mentioning), I encountered a "glitch" in particular which was kind of a bother ; the second time you come back to the first zone of the game with the snow and all, by messing around and wanting to access the door you were supposed to go through (that was now blocked with some blocks), I managed to go through the door and couldn't go back ; had to do the beginning part of the game again, because if I tried to go back, the blocks would just kill me because I'd spawn inside them.

so uh, Iv'e beaten LLTA twice now and I think i've encountered some kind of bug on my third playthrough.
After beating the Tombstone boss and going in the "it lives" door, into the stomach, then into the door that leads back to the church, then back again because i wanted to go into the stomcach hole. I forgot to ring the bell so i went back, only to end up in some kind of Blue Temple! i progrogressed through it? then ended up in the overworld? like a big empty white 3D area, walked around for a bit and found my Home, went in and i wasn't there? there was just the blue guy without his apple and the player wasn't on screen

This is a consistent bug with the launch 1.0 version. Unfortunately there's not a great patch system in place, but if you download the current build (1.02), it should be solved (along with a couple other small issues, laid out here). Thanks for the report, and thanks for playing!

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I just installed this game and played through to the part mentioned and have the same issue. 

Thanks for your report, I'll be looking into it this weekend. Can you confirm that the .zip file you downloaded is name "" (with underscores, and not spaces)?

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I did not download a zip, I am using the itch client to manage the files. The folder the game is in does have spaces though. Itch says it is "game 14396, version  #744223".

Ah okay. It seems like the itch client unfortunately didn't play nice with the initial post-launch updates. I'm currently looking into how to solve the issue within the app, in the meantime if you can download the updated files manually from the game page if you want a version without this bug. Sorry for the late reply+inconvenience, and thanks for bringing this issue to my attention.

I managed to find myself at "The Pit" too by accident via exactly as you describe! When dying in the blue labyrinth area I selected GET OUT in the death menu to get to the white space and then when I descend the pit it crashes every time after 2 seconds (roughly), sadly there is no way to fix the save other than restarting as the pause menu does not work in this section. Escape will get you back to the previous screen if you're quick enough but on that section it also fails to bring up the pause menu. I tried this another time in the next new game I did just to make sure and sure enough, another crash! Pretty sure I am using the latest version of the game too, it says v1.0.0.47 dated 27/01/2018, I downloaded it directly from on Wednesday (21st Feb).

Thanks for confirming this - it's been a strange bug to wrangle but I'm taking another look at it now, & will swing an update ASAP.

No problem and many thanks! I'll try out the new version when I can.

i'm having some problems with the demo. my gamepad doesn't work, unless i run the game as a non-steam game through steam. i can use my dpad to navigate the menu, but no other buttons register. when i try to reassign the buttons, the only buttons that register are rt and lt. the dpad doesn't even register when reassigning.

Is it an xinput controller? PS4/3 and non-xinput generic controllers aren't currently supported unfortunately.
If it is an xinput, make sure it's plugged in when you boot the game, and disable any other keybinding software (joy2key, x360ce).

Hope this helps!

ah. of course. i was using a dualshock 4. works fine with an xinput controller. thanks.



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Beauty game do IT !!!!! soon ill try prome you game and new mine can i do dat?



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