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A pay-what-you-want DEMO in support of the development of BEAT THE ART BREAKER - a 2.9d Beat Em Up from the developer of LONG LIVE THE AXE.

This is an unfinished version of the final game!

Limitations of this DEMO:

- Currently lacking KEYBIND support.
- In-game SHOP is closed, preventing story progress.
- Most HOUSING buildings are empty.
- WOODS and GRAVE areas are inaccessible to the player.
- Some technical systems (camera, some UI elements) are unfinished.
- Some sound effects are unmastered or otherwise unfinished.
- Neither ENDING can be triggered.
- There may be unintended bugs - feel free to report them!


[WASD] Move Around
[SPACE] Interact/Jump
[ENTER] Pause/Respawn after Death
[MOUSE] Camera Control
[MOUSE-RIGHT] Dodge/Hold to RUN (with RUN SHOES)
[MOUSE-WHEEL] Change camera ZOOM
[ALT+ENTER] Toggle Fullscreen
[ESCAPE] Quick Quit (progress will be lost)

If you enjoy the demo, consider donating -
If you donate 5 dollars or more,
     you'll get the full game for FREE upon release.

Thanks for playing!
- Jesse

Published 38 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsBeat 'em up, Pixel Art


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it keeps freezing on launch.

I would pay for a release on MacOS

I think I just got to the end of the demo (Brass knuckles, A/E keys, Bug blood, 5 hearts and two music disks) and i'm really loving it so far!  it's such a unique angle for this kind of art and the world design really brings out the best of it,  I can't wait to see the full thing! 

Finally finished my Demo play :) 

=========== GERMAN ===========
(english below)

Ein 3D Streets of Rage Demo wirkt wie ein Proof of Concept mit guter Grundlage die Lust auf das fertige Spiel macht.

- Grundlegende Kampfmechanik fühlt sich gut an
- sehr gute Vermittlung von Entfernungen und Angriffsreichweite

- Stunlock für Gegner zu lang
- Grafikstil verursache Motion Sickness (persönliche Erfahrung)*

=========== ENGLISH ===========

A 3D Streets of Rage, Demo currently feels like a Proof of Concept. Good basic mechanics, which make me want to see the final game.

- Basic combat mechanics feel great
- very good feel for range between characters, objects and attacks

- Stunlock for enemies is way to long
- graphical style sometimes induces motion sickness (personal experience)*

* I like the artstyle very much, but I really have a big problem for playing it longer than 20 minutes without getting a headache or feeling sick which is super sad!! :(

Pretty neat so far. I couldn't seem to find where to go after collecting the keys for housing A, E, and the Bug Blood. Dunno if the demo had a hard cut-off point. It seemed like most of the enemies were pretty passive and there wasn't much reason to fight them (unless they were standing on an item). The particle effects were nice and the combat generally flowed pretty well for the few enemy types I ran in to. The only notable bug I found was that selecting anything on the main menu with the"E" key led to a black screen. Eventually figured out I had to use Spacebar for most selections. I compiled most of my experience with it in a short video. Looking forward to seeing where you go with the final product!

This is awesome! What are you using to make it?

good game

This game shows a lot of promise. The graphics are amazing and I'm absolutely in love with the aesthetic and the pixelated art style. Animation totally blew me away as well as the music. Everything matches up perfectly and I love it! I couldn't really figure out what was really going on, though, so I just ran around punching things! I know the game is unfinished and isn't beatable right now, so I really can't think of any negative feedback on it. The whole feel and attitude of the game is so spot on and I can't wait for more. Thanks for making this!

I couldn't get the whole punching mechanic down. I think I kept forgetting that the punch was on the mouse. Interesting concept!
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I really like the combat system! Punching the aliens feels very satisfying and has a nice punching sound effect. I like the art design a lot, although the colors feel a little flat. 

I also came across the bug where if you hold down the left mouse button, the fist will be raised and you'll just kind of glide around very slowly depending on where your mouse is pointing. Also, I noticed the "!" icon for entering doors felt like it was appearing too far out from the actual doors; I would be in between two buildings and the "!" would pop up even if I wasn't closer to one door vs the other.  

The camera also is a bit inconsistent; like, it'll pass through most of a building when I swing it around, but it is blocked by the building's frames, the doors, and even the window textures.

Overall I really like it, and I can't wait to see it develop even further! This is a really cool idea :)


Can you make a mac version of the game?

been waiting for the rpg game more but this one is pretty good so far, some opinions and things i thought were weird:
enemies arent very aggressive, took me fighting like 10 enemies until i finally found one that attacked me first and even then they attack so sporadically they are super easy to beat
passing through enemies is weird... no contact damage? feels weird

leaving left click pressed and walking makes beat walk with his fist in the air

there's no wind-down on the dodge/dash feature so even without the running shoes its possible to just right click super fast to travel faster

the jacket-wearing toad-looking guys have no recovery frames so all you gotta do is mash the left click and they wont even be able attack

i quite like it so far, the controls are very intuitive and although at first i was like eh  i soon found an alley where like 6 enemies spawned in a row as i crossed through it that shit was cool

Hi! this looks so cool gosh dang, but I get a black screen upon selecting anything from the shirt menu (New, Load or Exit), i'm running latest win10 so that might have something to do with it? 


Ah, that's a pretty rough one. I don't have a clue what would be causing this at the moment, but I'll be sure to look into it & see if there's anything I can do for the full release. Thanks for the heads-up!


Update! Based on a few other reports, are you using SPACE to select the menu option? It seems like I missed a debug command and the E key is trying to open some gated-off dev tools, which can render as a black screen. Planning an update to fix this and some other technical issues before launch, in the meantime let me know if this helps.

Hi! sorry i'm so late getting back to you but yes this was the problem! I've now finished the demo and had a pretty good time!


Hi, I really liked the artistic choice of the game. I think I didn't do everything that is in the demo even more for fear of not having things and looking for something that doesn't exist. For example, I did not find where to use Home key E. Looking forward to the full game, good luck on the project.


Even though there wasn't really too much to do because this is just a demo; I don't have anything bad to say about the game. It had a cool art style and I didn't come across any bugs. I'd recommend people give this game a go.